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Remembering Tim Keller and What He Taught Us About Ministry with Collin Hansen





Millions have been impacted by Tim Keller’s ministry. But which people and what events shaped his own thinking and spiritual growth? That’s what Collin Hansen seeks to uncover in his book, Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Influence. Today, Patrick sits down with Collin to discover what we can all learn from one of the 21st century’s most influential church leaders. You’ll hear Collin explain his relationship with Tim Keller and share what he’s like in person (and how he’s unlike many of today’s preachers with much brasher, in-your-face personalities). Plus, what’s the difference between leadership and management, and how has Keller figured out the right balance? Are critiques of Keller fair? And most importantly, what can we learn from Tim Keller’s character and philosophy of ministry for doing our own ministry in a postmodern, post-Christian world? Listen now! 

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