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The Sex Book That Broke the (Christian) Internet with Joshua Butler





Joshua Butler’s book on sex, Beautiful Union, has recently become the center of a growing Twitter debacle with many critics calling his work harmful. In it, Josh issues a call for Christians to reclaim sex from the purity culture narrative and, instead, understand sex as a window into God’s story of redemption. Today, Patrick sits down with Josh to give him a chance to explore the book’s themes further and respond to some of its harshest critiques. You’ll hear Josh explain his upbringing, his goals in writing this book, and his take on purity culture. He explains God’s intended beautiful purpose for sex as an act that was made to point to greater things. Plus, hear him address some of the book’s critiques, such as: Is referring to sex as an icon of divine reality really appropriate? Was his language too graphic? Does his way of thinking inadvertently mischaracterize a woman’s role in sex? Listen now! 

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