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Winsome Wars: Should Christians Be Culture Warriors?





Jesus flipped tables. You should fight the culture too. Right? Well, not so fast. It’s true that today’s cultural landscape seems to be shifting further away from Christian values. In fact, Christian norms are often seen as a threat to the common good. So, what's the proper Christian response? Should we fight in the culture war and forcefully take back the country for Jesus? Or does Jesus himself actually show us another way? In this episode, Patrick and Keith provide a "radically oversimplified" state of today's culture war and outline how Christians should (and shouldn't) engage. Hear as they draw from the book of Daniel to explain why Christians must embrace what they call, “The Exile Paradigm.” They explain that Christians should be involved in partisan politics; however, like Jesus, they should view themselves as exiles, resisting the temptation to gain earthly power and instead, laying down their lives for their neighbors. Listen now!

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