Good Christian Media Does Exist! with The Chosen’s Derral Eves



Can we agree that most Christian media is just… bad? But if you’ve seen The Chosen, you know it’s one major exception! Today, Patrick talks with Derral Eves, executive producer of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about Jesus’s ministry. Hear Derral share why he believes the show has been so well received among diverse audiences, detail some behind-the-scenes controversy and feedback from viewers, and explain the goals and results of the show’s marketing campaign: #thechosensux. Plus, not only is Derral a producer, he’s also one of the world’s top YouTube and online video marketing experts. Listen as Derral explains the strengths and weaknesses of YouTube’s algorithm, shares opportunities for using this media platform for good, and issues a warning for parents whose kids are growing up in this New Media Age.

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