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Episode 132 | January 10, 2024

Why Did Philip Yancey Deconstruct His Faith? with Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey deconstructed his faith at a young age, but still calls himself an evangelical today. Why? What did he experience and why does he still have hope?

Philip Yancey's story is a compelling journey of faith, doubt, and grace. Raised in a toxic, fundamentalist church, he grew disillusioned, seeing God misrepresented. His faith hung on by a thread in college, where he became a campus rebel, a heretic in the eyes of many. But Yancey didn't abandon his faith; instead, he deconstructed it to rebuild something more authentic. His writing career became a quest to rediscover Jesus, prayer, and the essentials of faith. Encountering grace in its purest...

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