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Are Our Institutions Untrustworthy? with Bonnie Kristian





It’s no secret that institutional trust in America is at an all-time low. But is that lack of trust merited? And what should we do about it? This week, Keith sits down with Bonnie Kristian, a seasoned journalist and the author of Untrustworthy, a book that dives into why we’re losing trust in institutions, specifically media institutions. Listen as Bonnie answers: Why has this breakdown of institutional trust occurred? What are the consequences of low trust? What are the negative effects of the Information Age? How have technology shifts and incentive restructuring compromised today’s media? And why are Christian media outlets fracturing as well? Not only does Bonnie diagnose these problems, but she provides solutions by issuing a challenge: Ultimately, the key to making a difference and building back trust starts with YOU. Listen now! 

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