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Is the Transgender Movement Erasing Women? with Kara Dansky





Kara Dansky doesn’t even like to use the word, transgender. As a matter of fact, every time she says it out loud, she uses air quotes. As a self-proclaimed “radical feminist” and a lifelong Democrat, this may come as a surprise to those on her side of the political aisle. But in her book, The Abolition of Sex, Kara outlines how the trans agenda actually harms women and girls. Today, she sits down with Keith to dive deeper into the topic. Hear her explain why the definition of a woman has become so controversial, why she refuses to use others’ pronouns, and why progressive society is actually more regressive when it comes to this issue. Plus, she touches on the division this has caused in the LGBTQ+ community, explains the growth of the de-transitioning movement, and uses comparisons to anorexia to expose the underlying, monetary motive behind the transgender agenda. Listen now!

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