The (Un)Definition of Marriage: A Response to Matt Walsh and Joe Rogan



Marriage is what brings us together today. On this episode of Truth Over Tribe, Keith and Patrick respond to Joe Rogan’s recent interview with The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh in which the two discussed the significance (or insignificance) of marriage. According to Rogan, marriage is all about self-expression and personal happiness. In this view, the government is merely involved for validation purposes. So, why shouldn’t gay couples be allowed to label themselves as married just like heterosexuals? Keith and Patrick dissect this, labeling this redefinition of marriage as more of an un-definition, which ultimately makes the institution of marriage meaningless in the end. Where Walsh let Rogan off the hook, Keith and Patrick push back harder. Hear as they discuss the problems with the outlier arguments used by Rogan, the role of procreation in marriage and issues like infertility, and how heterosexuals are responsible for weakening the argument of traditional marriage through slippery divorce views. While their argument has nothing to do with discrimination, it has everything to do with the fact that what Rogan advocated for simply isn’t “marriage” after all. Listen now!

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