How Extremism Threatens the Country (And the Church!) with Elizabeth Neumann



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How Extremism Threatens the Country (And the Church!) with Elizabeth Neumann


How would you define extremism? Elizabeth Neumann knows a thing or two about the subject after serving as a homeland security official during the Trump and George W. Bush administrations. During her time in this role, she witnessed extremism transform from something happening overseas to a domestic, online threat. On this week’s episode, she sits down with Patrick to define extremism and radicalization, identify the types of people vulnerable to radicalizing, and explain why extremist ideas also threaten the church. Plus, find out how she got involved with the Trump administration, why she left, and the troubling ways in which Trump’s character prompted potential threats. Most importantly, Elizabeth issues a challenge for Christians, noting that our hope must not be in America, but in the church itself. Listen now!

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