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The Gospel of Artificial Intelligence? with Love Thy Neighborhood Podcast





Oh my bot! This episode is a first of its kind! This week, we teamed up with the podcast, Love Thy Neighborhood, to talk about whether or not artificial intelligence can be subverted for Gospel purposes. If you’re not already familiar, Love Thy Neighborhood is a narrative-style podcast that explores discipleship and missions for modern times. In this episode, Patrick joins the LTN team to discuss AI in depth: how it works, how it’s shaping our world, and how it’s impacting the faith lives of real-world Christians. You’ll hear stories from several guests detailing AI gone wrong, AI gone right, and whether or not AI can help us have a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Ultimately, we must ask ourselves: What are the problems associated with AI? And can we genuinely use it for good? Listen now! 

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